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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 2 ~ Favourite Quotes ?


Naaaa .. Ini saya  punya favourite quote .. Memang betul ni kan .. Kalau itu orang tida pandai mau ' basukul '   sama apa yang dia ada ..memang tiada kegembiraan juga tu .. Kalau suda ada banglo 1 biji .. ferrari 1 biji .. bini / suami 1 orang pun masi mau melebih2 mau yang mewah .. saya tida tau la apa mau cakap . hahaha .. patut baskukul suda kamurang itu ..ada orang bilang .. duit tida bulih kasi kamu kegembiraan .. tapi kalau kamu basukul samaa apa yang kamu ada .. kamu akan gembira juga la *sikit* ..  tapi kan .. kalau mewah2 pun .. duit banyak dalam simpanan .. Gaji beribu2 lemon 1 bulan .. tapi kalau kesihatan tidak bagus sama juga la cerita dia . hehe .. Orang sana Australia bilang " how wealthy you are may be less important for your health than how wealthy you perceive yourself to be " 

Bahhhh .. sendiri2 laa ahh mau fikir .. hahaha

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 1 !

5 random facts about myself ?


2. Love to eat eat eat but .. hate putting on weight weight weight  *sigh*

3. Completing my diploma in 3 months time . 

4. Simple . Jeans & T-shirt girl.

5. Favourite colour : Blue .


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Misi .. Misi ..

To all future nurses ..

Be a good nurses .. Don't be like the only one that only know how to barks .. but actions taken is ZERO.. Act like they are the perfect one .. For example .. when we ask about something that we really don't have idea about the thing, should we get this kind of response from the professional '' itu pun tak tahu ke ? '' .. Is that the way you call yourself as a professional ? Well .. shame on you then ..

When you're smart enough , why don't you share your knowledge with others ..? By sharing your knowledge, the others may be able to help you improve it by offering tweaks or suggesting gaps that you need to fill.

When you be a role model or a leader for someone who is under you , teach them properly .. Shows them the good examples .. Learn together with them because there's no person who is perfect in this world .. Don't scold them for the mistakes they accidentally did because they're still in their learning process.. Do you expect the juniors to be perfect or to be smart in a second or minute ? Should you give them your 'beautiful words' such as ' bodoh , lembab , how come you become a nurse ? , .. heyyy ... there might be some pairs of ear listening to your words .. if you don't want to be known as the rude one or don't want to be dislikes by all the people around you .. just be careful with your words .. Your words sometimes can hurt more than a punch. Your words may penetrate others which have the ability to make or to break their day. Words hurt the spirit and bruise the heart, some "internal'' bruises stay for a life time .. It's not wrong when you are trying to be strict but do act in the proper way .. you are not the king or queen or even God to judge someone easily just by observing their faults. That is not we call as a professional .. Professional people -skills to find solutions, not fault .. We should remember this ' Finding fault stops progress; finding solutions ignites success '..

So as a conclusion , don't be a bodoh sombong type of person and don't be arrogant with the knowledge that you had . As stated in the malay proverbs 'sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.' Stop acting so proud and haughty and don't speak with such arrogance .

Be humble . People will admire and respect you in the long run.In the short run, people might mistaken your humbleness for being boring, shy or a lack of confidence but nahhh ..who cares .. those people don't matter ! Be humble, be friendly ! People will enjoy it !