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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sleep, work, gym, dinner… repeat, repeat, repeat!

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Single girls may get a bad rap, but I’m here to defend them. Despite what society may believe, being single is more of choice than you think. Every time I pass a couple fighting on the street, I say to myself: I’m so glad that isn’t me.I silently laugh to myself because I know the rest of this couple’s day is going to be spent dealing with arguments and tears and the only thing I’m worried about is what I’m getting for lunch.I could not imagine if I spent half my day worrying about someone else. I can barely manage my own sh*t, let alone have the patience to deal with someone else’s. And, honestly, I don’t really care that much because I’m too busy with my own job and problems.But seriously, why is a single life the happiest life?

1. No stress

The amount of stress you have on a daily basis while you are in a relationship is something I never want to deal with. I don’t care if you have the best relationship out there, you are definitely more stressed than the singles out there.Dealing with the mind games and concerns of someone else is just something I don’t have the time for — honestly, does anyone though?

2. You can do whatever the f*ck you want

Do I want to go out, get trashed and consume two pies of pizza? Do I want to waste entire days away, binging on Netflix in bed? Or do I want to go to a concert by myself?Being single gives you the absolute freedom to do whatever the hell it is you want, without having to worrying about someone’s opinion on the situation.

3. Your phone battery either lasts for hours or you never have to worry about charging it

I don’t think my phone has been at 100 percent battery since the end of my last relationship. Why? Because I don’t have to worry about checking in with someone.If you do take the responsible route with your phone, and actually keep it fully charged, your battery lasts for hours because you aren’t spending it checking in with your parole officer — oops, I mean boyfriend.

4. You get to be as selfish as you want

If there is something you don’t want to do, you don’t have to! Isn’t that amazing? You can actually say no and not have to feel guilty about it.

5. You can spend all of your valuable time investing in yourself

When you are in a relationship, you can’t focus entirely on yourself because there is someone else always around. Being single allows you to take all the time you need to focus inwards and make the changes you want to in your life, on your own terms and in your own way.

6. Your thoughts aren’t clouded with someone else’s sh*t

It’s hard to keep a clear and level head when someone else is pushing his opinions onto you. When you are single, you don’t have to worry about what anyone thinks when making decisions except for yourself. And isn’t that just a breath of fresh air?

7. Your schedule is your own

Sleep, work, gym, dinner… repeat, repeat, repeat. You want to go on vacation next week? Do it. You want to avoid any social event for the rest of your life? Do it. Your schedule is purely your own and, honestly, that’s something to be sought after.

8. No obligations

It seems the common theme of being single is that you get to do whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want to do it. Who in their right mind would ever turn an option like this down? Crazies… that’s who.

9. You can reap all the benefits without any of the commitment

Want all the benefits of a relationship without the actual commitment aspect? Well, lucky for you, you aren’t exclusive with anyone, which makes the world your oyster.Go on as many dates as you want without fear of insulting someone. If you want to go out and just have fun, then more power to you!

10. Your best friend is the only counterpart you feel you need

The only way I want to spend my free time is by hanging out with my best friend. Sure, people may think we are dating each other, but I couldn’t care less, as it’s a fairly accurate assessment.We lie in bed together, talk about our feelings and go on dinner dates… why would you need a guy when you can just do this with your best friend? I can guarantee a lot less stress and fighting.

11. Freedom

No checking in when you go out, no interrogations on your plans and definitely no checking in when you get home from being out. You do you, and that’s all there is in your life and you honestly couldn’t be happier.

Friday, June 13, 2014

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 sign that you relationship is worth keeping

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1. Misunderstandings are inevitable.

Misunderstandings are going to happen. If you take your partner’s words one way, then learn they meant something totally different, don’t punish them. Let it go. Bringing it up all the time is only going to bruise the relationship and cause communication problems later. Sometimes what you say or do will be taken the wrong way, and you’ll get frustrated that your partner doesn’t understand. Take a step back and realize it’re in the scope of your relationship. Be laid back and forgive misunderstandings.

2. Learn to trust them.

You have to trust your partner. Why would you share your life with someone when you think they’re doing something wrong every time you turn your back? If you don’t trust your partner to be faithful, honest, caring, or anything else, then you’re not in a good relationship. The best relationships begin with a deep trust, and even if problems come up (and they will!), the trust is strong enough to keep you together.

3. Let yourselves miss each other.

You’re in love, so you want to be together all the time! It’s so fun to cuddle all night and be together all day, but when will you have time to experience different things? When you go to separate workplaces or schools, you experience things that will give you something to talk about later. When you go out with your friends and your partner spends time with theirs, you have time and space to yourself and come back to each other refreshed. You have a chance to miss each other, and it helps you really understand the value of your relationship. Missing someone is great because getting to see them after that period will make you so happy and so sure of your relationship.

4. Encourage growth and change.

In a good relationship, both partners are encouraged to grow and change. You have one life to live – you should explore it to the fullest! If you want to quit your job and go back to school, your partner should support you. If you want to try something new or go back to something old, you should find support in your relationship. And you should give this support in return. Encourage your partner to explore hobbies and interests and meet new people. If you want your partner to stay the same, you’re going to have a very boring life together.

5. Compromising doesn’t mean you’re weak.

Compromising doesn’t mean “giving in.” It doesn’t mean that you’ve lost the fight. In fact, it’s the opposite. Do you know how hard it is to compromise sometimes? You want your way because it sounds right and makes sense to you. Your partner is way off base with their suggestions. Take a step back and look at the argument diplomatically. What’s the logical conclusion? If your partner is right, don’t be afraid to say so. Accept their way, or modify both of your solutions to be half and half. The important thing is not getting your way, it’s staying in your relationship and helping it grow. Compromising will definitely help your relationship grow.

6. Admit your weaknesses.

Your partner doesn’t expect you to be a superhero, and hopefully you don’t expect that of them! We’re all human; we all have flaws. It’s ok to let these show. In fact, to have a stable, serious relationship, you need to let your weaknesses be known. Your partner will be more sensitive to things that bother you, and can help build you up in areas where you need some help.

7. Sometimes you can only accept things, not fix them.

People have baggage. You have some. Your partner has some. Can you go back and erase all of this? Nope! You’re stuck with it, and have to learn to deal with it. Some things are easier to get over than others, but the reality is that sometimes, you can’t fix things. You can’t make problems go away. You have to accept them and get over them and move on, or else your relationship will crumble.

8. Forgive quickly and truly.

Whenever you have a fight, don’t worry about who wins or who loses. Learn from the fight – from what was said as much as from how it was resolved. Once you learn from a fight, you can apply that lesson to your relationship to avoid trouble later. That’s all well and good, but you’re not done! Forgive your partner! Forgive yourself. The fight is over, you’re past it, now let it go. Never hold anything against your partner because the resentment will build until you don’t want to be with them.

9. Never expect anything.

Don’t expect your partner to read your mind, or to bring you breakfast in bed, or to offer to wash the dishes. It’s not going to happen. You can’t expect anything from anyone – you have to make it known. Communicate. Make sure your partner knows what you expect from the relationship, as well as your opinions on a wide variety of issues. This will help them act considerate towards you, but still – don’t expect anything!

10. Show your feelings.

The worst thing you can do in a relationship is play games. Don’t tease your partner; don’t “reward” good deeds with love and affection. You have to make sure your partner always feels loved. You can be happy with them or be mad at them – it doesn’t matter – they just need to feel loved. They need to know your feelings in the moment as well, don’t get me wrong. But make sure you’re showing your feelings in a way that they won’t be misunderstood (back to #1)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Make you love me ?

If you put your cigarette down
If you put your cigarette down
If you put your cigarette down
You'll figure out
The pain is self inflicted
Now you're addicted
To hating the love that I'm giving you
What will you do, when I'm gone...

Do I have to go away to make you love me
Do I have to go away to make you love me..

Will you put your cigarette down
Will you put your cigarette down
Will you put your cigarette down
So we can talk
'bout how far we have drifted
Never predicted
Too late to fix everything we've been through
What will you do, when I'm gone...

I hate to see you cry
But you're the reason why it's over
You brought this on yourself
You're screaming what the hell it's over

Don't know what you have 'till it's gone
Don't know what you have 'till it's gone
Don't know what you have 'till it's gone

Friday, May 30, 2014


The celebration has begun !

A very happy Harvest festival to all Sabahan .. especially to the Kadazan , Dusun , Murut and so on ..

Monday, April 21, 2014

Some thinking ~

Hello .. Good morning earthlings .. It's been long time since my last blog post

Hari ini akan merupakan hari terakhir Off Day saya di Keningau .. Besok kerja petang pula ..

Ahh .. Kinda lazy to go back to work .. Hoping for somemore holiday .. *sigh*

Ok . 2014 ..

Terdapat beberapa tragedi yang berlaku .. Diantaranya adalah kehilangan MH370 . Misi pencarian
 terus berjalan tetapi setelah sebulan lebih berlalu.. belum ada apa apa yang dijumpai .. apa apa pun ..
sentiasa berdoa untuk MH370 ,penumpang dan krew anak kapal ..

Setelah itu .. digemparkan lagi dengan kejadian Feri karam di Korea Selatan dimana terdapat ratusan penumpang yang berada di feri tersebut ..

Dan baru sebentar tadi  scroll scroll di Newsfeed FB .. Nampak lagi ini  .

Flight MH192 tyre went burst out while taking off to Bangalore from KL (7 hours ago). 
SUMBER : OMG Paradise

Tapi .. Status terbaru dari page tersebut adalah -

Thank God! MH192 landed safely!!! WOOHOO!!!! WELL DONE CAPTAIN! (6 hours ago)

wheeww .. Praise the Lord !

Ok sekian update pada hari ini .. Terima Kasih  !

Thursday, February 13, 2014

No matter what ....



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What makes me down ?

Jangan kau nangis bah KIM TAN ... sakit betul jiwa raga saya nampak kau begini .. Ada saya juga baa disisi kau ..

mode: delusion

sekian bye

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So tell me a story ?

Aloha yuhuuu teman2 seperjuangan diluar sana ~

Saya update dulu sekejap la .. ehemm .. saya add lagu baru saja di playlist blog saya .. hoho

Saya karaja malam baaa nii.. hehe

Diminggu ke 6 2014,bersamaan dengan hari Rabu diikuti dengan tarikh 5 februari 2014 .

Tiada juga apa apa .. sekarang saya tunggu nasi saya masak .. saya lapar .

Saya mau share yang saya sedang tengok drama the heirs .. haha .. ok ok saya faham .. saya ketinggalan .. mungkin yang lain berulang kali sudah tengok .. saya baru sampai di pertengahan episode 11 .. saya tida mau kasi abis tengok cepat cepat . haha .. siokk .. ada bikin excited .. bikin happy bikin menangis pun ada sebab cinta antara 2 darjat . ahaha !  Tapii banyak yang romantik jadi saya EXCITED !

Maybe the wind pitied me and
is crushingly embracing me
Maybe the wind wants to be friends
and follows me because it’s always alone
No matter how much I smile,
saying that I’m alright
So tell me a story
So tell me your sadness
You shake up my heart,
not leaving it alone
So tell me a story
I know that you’re sorry
Knocking on my heart that
even I hid from myself
So tell me a story
The wind passes by my eyes Telling me to
cry if I want, as if it’s the wind’s fault
No matter how much
I say I’m alright
So tell me a story
So tell me your sadness
You shake up my heart,
not leaving it alone
So tell me a story
I know that you’re sorry
Knocking on my heart that
even I hid from myself
So tell me a story
So tell me a story
So tell me your sadness
You tear up my heart,
making me cry
So tell me a story
I know that you’re sorry
You ask me about my sadness
that is hidden behind the
moonlight That long story

Friday, January 31, 2014

Bujang bujangan ~

Halluuuuuu selamat kemalaman ..

Tiada mau dibuat ni sekarang . Seriously.. Hari hari berlalu seperti itu sahaja .. Begitu kaa hidup bujang ? Pergi kerja .. balik kerja .. cuci kain .. makan kalau lapar .. mandii .. tidurr . bangun .. nothing to do . hmm . sudaa laaa . ditambah pula dengan 1 hal .. tiada keretaa hahaha .. tinggal lagi di rumah sewa ..

memangbujangan betul la .. sy pun tidak faham apa saya cakap ni .. luahan dari hati ka .. taipan dari jari ka? saya pun tida tauu ..

selalu terjadii ..bila kerja syif pagii .. dan besok nya pula syif petang.. lepas balik keja . memang perform ADL apa2 yang patut . haha . ADL kunun ah.   lepas tu menewaskan diri di katil sendiri dengan gerukan yang melampauu .. bila bangun malam .. tida tau apa mau buat kan .. jadi TIDUR BALIK .. sesungguhnya .. sedentary lifestyle .. no workout or everything . ehem . bilang diett. - dengar lagu  i wont give up . di mix fm.  jason mraz juga laa ..  God knows we worth it .. lalalala ~~~

ok .. lagi 1.. bila bujangan.  aiik sekejap . tiba2 chai shen daoo oo lagu di radioo ... Tahun baru Sina la katakan.   hehehe ..

ok saambung balik... bila bujangan .. money matter amat memening kan kepala ..  seterusnya memusing
, memutarkan ,menganggukkan kepala, menghentakkan kepala dan juga lain lain .. semua perbelanjaan harus diambil kiraa. . sedih .. bila sebagai gegirl ... perbelanjaan untuk pakaian harus dihadkan demi sebuah kereta.. pengumpulan terus berjalan .. dimana semua perbelanjaan disekat ..
sedih.. Mau reload pun bepikir 2 kali . hehe .

Tapi tida apa.  bersusah susah dahulu.  bersenangsenang kemudian.   senyum dulu sikit.  hehehehe ..

Baa suda la sy mengarut ni disini ... nnt lagi sya mengarut .. ni la ni kejadian kalau tiada apa2 mau di buat ..

saya rindu  dorg mamy dady abg adik  .. dorg d sandakan .. max sy rindu ko juga .. haha

p/s : bagus kamu dengar mixfm.  siok ni lagu2 dia yang lama2. tidak bikin sakit kepala.  hahaha

chinggu lala & hualuu & max: bilaa mau jumpaa ?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wasting time ~

Haluuuuuu selamat kepetangan's everibadi  !

Saya membuang masa dulu sekejap  dalam beberapa minit untuk meng-update blog yang telah terbengkalai sejak awal bulan lagi .. hoho .. Macam projek terbengkalai pula ..

Hmm .. tiada juga bah kekarutan saya ni petang-petang .. Haha.. Malas oo mau balik kk nanti jam 4 ..
Menaiki kuda tungma ~ ohooo . Habis cuti .. Besok kerjaaa .. Yang lain public holiday.. public holiday di hospital saja la nanti ni ..

Ok laa .. nanti ada masa mau update-update lagi ni .. tu pun kalau ada sumber kekarutan .

Sekian ~ you gonna hear me ROAR  ~ ~ *mendengar lagu yang berkumandang di blog* sekarang lagu Demons by Imagine Dragons ! It's where my demons hide It's where my demons hide ~

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sikit-sikit lama lama jadi bukit ? Pernah dengar ?

Halluuuuuuuuu  !  

Naaaa .. saya jumpa suda sumber untuk jadi kekarutan saya ni malam .. Kekarutan yang bagus la .. hehe .


Naaaa .. topik utama ! Buletin utama ! DUIT TUSIN WANG KARATAS BANYAK YUHUUU !

Untuk tidak berteka teki .. saja la mau share share kan apa CHALLENGE tahunan yang saya ternampak tadi ...



Hehe ..suspen ka ? suspen ? hiihi . jangan marah ah .. begini challenge dia ... sambil2 challenge diri sendiri .. sambil-sambil juga mengumpul .. hehe .. ni naaa . saya kasi tunjuk tu gambar plan dia .. *saya copy dari google saja ba * hehe

Amacam ? Lumayan juga kan ... Tiap-tiap minggu simpan duit .. Hujung-hujung tahun ada juga RM 1000 ++ .. Bulih suda bikin balanja makan-makan tukar tahun kan ? krismas kaa .. hehe .. Siok juga la kan .. macam tarik-tarikan untuk diri sendiri pula kan . haha

Mau cuba la ni tahun  .. Yang penting disiplin itu mesti ada .. hehe .. Simpan untuk kegunaan masa depan kan orang bilang . hehe . Daripada habis saja kena belanja belanja .. Bulih carry forward juga kan untuk tahun tahun seterusnya .. Bulih jadi millionaire oo kan .. kununnlaa .. saja ja tu kasi senang -senang hati .. hihi .. tidaa baaa .. jangan mara haaa . nanti kena jual ~  25 %  macam kassim patalon cakap . haha ..tiba-tiba keluar watak dari 3 ABDUL . 

baaaa ... jadi apa lagi ? Baru start minggu pertama ni 2014 .. Mulakan dari RM 1 . Belum terlambat lagi kan wahai tambalut tambalut sekalian ?


Sekian , terima kasih & selamat malam.

P/s : Salah 1 lagu background saya adalah 22 .Nyanyian daripada kaka angkat saya yang nun jauh di sana . Taylor swift .. Saya memilih lagu beliau kerana saya akan berumur 22 tahun pada 2014 . yeehaaaa ..

ARISTOTLE bilang Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.

Sambil-sambil saya google tadi pasal 22 tahun .. saya nampak ni 1 blogger cakap pasal 

22 Things I Feel About Turning 22 

siok juga ni saya baca .. saya share di bawah .. Sory ahh pemilik blog ..Saya mohon share ...

Ok byeeee ~

Tahun Baru ? New year Resolution ?

Haluuuu  ! New Year New Year sekalian !

Ok selamat datang kepada TYB 2014 ~ hehehe .. Farewell kepada 2013 ..Thanks for the memories .

 Baaa jadi apa macam sambutan ?? Mesti meriah kan ? hihi ..

Saya punya sambutan .. ehemm ... saya tidur ja tu dari 31 dec 2013 jam 10 ++ pm begitu . terus tahun depan baru saya bangun .. jam 550 am 1 jan 2014.. sebab saya syif pagi bogia . haha

APA -APA PUN  .. DARI KITA SAJA BAH  ITU .. saya pun tida tau mau mengarut apa disini . haha
nanti la cari sumber dulu untuk dikarut karutkan hehe !!

Sekian .. Terima Kasih !